Thursday, September 9, 2010

Max Lucado------One Hand, Two Hands

Yet again, another wonderful children's book by author Max Lucado. This book uses beautiful rhyming text to let kids know how they can help with their hands. Key words, describing how our hands are used, such as button, pray, wash dishes and scratching are highlighted in contrasting colors; allowing the reader to really focus on that word. I think by favorite might be "flop'em". The illustrations are just adorable in this book. Pictures are used of a young girl and her animal friends to illustrate the wonderful truth about using our hands to help others whether they be our pets, our family and friends, or God.While reading this to my own children; they actually tried to physically do what the little girl in the story was doing with her hands. The detailed fun pictures and rhyming text kept them engaged. I especially loved the truth this story implicated for any age; our hands should be used for helping and not hurting. My children and I were also able to contrast the ways of helping in this book with ways that don't help or ways that our hands can hurt others. At the end of the book Mr Lucado also had a few pages on how our hands can be helping, kind or loving hands. This book uses a wonderful story to illustrate a biblical and moral truth to children about their hands and how they are used. What a wonderful tool for a parent, teacher, or church worker to use; and create even more discussion on how we treat others.