Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Christmas Prayer by Amy Parker

This soft cover board book is a delightful change of pace from the usual Christmas books. One adorable child with Mom, Dad and baby sibling thank God for his/her gift of Christmas; naming each part of the nativity and their purpose .
The story is very easy to follow for any child; as it has a simple rhyming text. Each page ends with
"Thank You, God for ____, Your precious Christmas gift."
The child in the story collects his/her own toys and uses them to create his/her own nativity seen. Along the way describing what each parts contribution to this special Christmas gift was. Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the manger, the star and more are included in the scene.
The illustrations are soft and inviting. Plus the use of actual childhood objects grab a child's attention; as they imagine the use of their own toys to make a nativity scene.
What a wonderful and imaginative way to explain the true gift of Christmas(Christ) and each person or thing that played a part in that Christmas long ago.