Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awesome Science Videos

This is not the first time I have seen or even reviewed Awesome Science Videos. This video series is hosted by a 14 year old homeschooler. All the videos explore national parks and geological locations. Science is explored in accordance with the Bible. Not only will you learn about these beautiful and interesting places, but you will also learn how they backup Creation Science.
Awesome Science Videos are a wonderful tool for homeschooling families, Christian schools, Co-op Groups and just about everyone. Geared toward children and high schoolers, they can still be enjoyed by various ages. My family ranges from ages 7-40  and we all enjoyed watching them and had some interesting discussions afterwards.
I had the privilege of watching Mount St. Helens, John Day Fossil Beds, and Yosemite Zion National Parks. Each video was 30 minutes in length; with beautiful video footage of each location. The scientific facts were grounded with biblical evidence. I found everything to be accurate and well researched.
The only negative is that after watching these videos my children immediately started planning trips to actually see all these places. That might me in our future.

*I received these videos from Master Books a division of New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.