Friday, February 18, 2011

Bringing them Home a Novel by Elizabeth Wiens

I am so excited to share this next book with you. Bringing them home is a novel about the Knight family's decision to homeschool their 4 children and highlights of that first years journey. This book is a novel with the Knight family as the main characters, but I have no doubt there are real families out there with similar experiences as this book describes.
Author Elizabeth Wiens is the very talented co-author of Destined for Eternity, served full time with Child Evangelism Fellowship for 16 years and now ministers with GoodSeed Canada. Mother of 4 girls and homeschooling veteran herself, this novel is a reflection of her own families homeschooling journey. She has done an absolute fantastic job in describing the feelings, uncertainties, strengths and passion of many homeschooling families today.
This book can serve many purposes. Most books out there about homeschooling are informational only and in short can be technical and boring. Since written in novel form, Bringing them home is not only informational, but also encouraging, engaging, personal and interesting to read. In fact, I had a hard time putting it down. What a great tool for first year homeschoolers, rewarding for veteran homeschoolers like myself, and thought provoking for those considering homeschooling or have friends or family who homeschool.
I have personally started a collection of books to give my children when they become adults and have children of their own. Bringing them home is a must have in this collection. I also plan to share this book with friends who homeschool and will most definitely recommend it to those contemplating homeschool or those who find themselves in the first year possibly uncertain of success. Look for the sequel, which will follow the Knight family through the teen years and courtship.
Elizabeth, I would really love to know the name of some of the curriculum resources the Knight family used for homeschooling.
I leave you with one of my many favorite passages of Bringing them Home.
"Why are you angry? I have entrusted these children into your care and ask that you raise them for Me, both for their sakes and for My glory. They are all that you have that is eternal, and I am not asking you to do the impossible. Remember, I will go with you.
Cassey sucked in her breath and looked around the room as if to expect to see someone standing beside her bed, but no one was there. With a shock she realized that the words she'd heard in her heart were true. To train her children for God's glory was the most awesome task God could ever give her. Was she willing to give it her best effort? Suddenly this whole dilemma was not just about the public school vs. the christian school or homeschooling, but about obedience to what God may be directing her to do. How could she best honor God and train up her children for Him, and was she willing to do it?"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

God gave us so much by Lisa Bergren

Another heartwarming childrens book by author Lisa Bergren. This book combines 3 wonderful stories together in a hardback limited edition:
God gave us the world
God gave us love
God gave us heaven
Typical Bergren style with a family of 5 polar bears teaching little cub about God's creation and the love he has for her. Same beautiful and warm illustrations as past Bergren books about this polar bear family.

This book is a great tool with the younger group to explain God the creator, his love extended to us and through us to others, and our heavenly home. My 3 little boys loved little cub and her adventures; finding the stories humorous and heartwarming at the same time. Little cub has twin siblings; and since 2 of my boys are twins they really loved this scenario.

Since this is a limited edition it won't be available forever. You definitely want to add this one to your library.

This book was given to me by waterbrook multnomah publishing in exchange for my honest review.