Friday, November 19, 2010

The American Patriots Almanac by William Bennett and John Cribb

When this book arrived from Booksneeze I was very excited as I opened the package. I very carefully thumbed through the pages that were tattered on the edges that made it feel like I was reading a very old historical book(a nice touch I thought). This hardback book with a beautiful American eagle on the front cover with an American flag presented itself as a book that any patriotic American would want to read.
This book was written to be read daily for an entire year. It is set up as a passage marked with each month and day of the year. But of course you could read it at your leisure several passages at a time if you would prefer; and this would not affect the integrity of the book. Each daily reading has a summary of a historical person or event in America's history, including a timeline with dates and events that are a part of American history over the years that occurred on that particular day. Included in the book are wonderful historical illustrations and a reference for state flags, facts, and symbols.
This book would be a great asset to any history teacher or student. Being a homeschooler I plan to definitely use this book as a supplement to our American History studies. Or if you are just a history buff you would definitely enjoy this book.