Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God's Promises for Boys

Jack Countryman and Amy Parker did a fantastic job putting this book together. This book is 127 pages long, but is broken down into short two page devotions for kids. Each devotion has a 4 line rhyming poem about the thought being presented. In my experience this is perfect for kids to remember a biblical truth and fun to say over and over again. In addition each devotion has 3 scripture verses printed out that support the biblical truth being presented. This book has wonderful illustrations that appeal to young boys and also has a gift page in the front so you can present this as a gift to your favorite little boy.
My boys really enjoyed this book and we repeated the rhymes several times. I also loved the fact that the verses were written out; so I could just read them directly instead of taking the time to look them up. I also liked that the book was small and could fit into a bag or purse so we could take it along with us. This book would be great for kids ages 2-8. Since the lessons were short my son with special needs was able to pay attention and glean from the Bible in a fun and meaningful way.
The only thing that could be a negative for some, is the fact that the verses were from the International Children's Bible. So, depending on what version you prefer could alter your decision in purchasing this book.
Overall, a great book to read as a biblical devotion to your kids and teach them Godly principles through a rhyme, bible verses and time spent together.

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