Monday, November 26, 2012

Nebador: The Test by J.Z. Colby

The book Nebador is a science fiction adventure book that is geared toward young adults. The author, JZ Colby, has even pre-faced this book by writing to young readers the importance of thinking on your own and how young people today can be the heroes of the future. Being a science fiction novel, the setting is far off in the future but the people have regressed to the era of castles and cottages. The main character is a stranger to the land, so the reader also gets to experience the customs and people of this medieval kingdom as a visitor.
In learning about this city and the culture, you can see how different classes of people treat others and how these classes already categorize a visitor based upon first impressions. The various characters throughout the story, from slave to king, show how their position in society usually predetermines their mannerisms. This book shows the main character and other individuals who do not stay within the society’s placement.
The chapters are only a few pages in length which made it easy to stay involved in the storyline. This also helped in reading the book because you would go on to read the next chapter since it was only going to be a couple of pages in length. The accompanied book for notes, questions, and illustrations was helpful in explaining the chapters and characters. 
On a negative note, I must add that this book does have language and some questionable topics; so I most definitely do not recommend it for children or junior high ages. I caution parents to read this book first before you allow your teenager to read it.
This book is book 1 of the First Trilogy which includes books 1-3. Trilogy 2 includes books 4-6. You can go to the Nebador web page and check out all the books which are available in print, kindle and audio.
*This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.

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