Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strawinsky by Hope Animation

 This is a half hour animation by David Hutter. ”. The story is based on a six episode fantasy series that was released as a Christian audio drama in the 1980s in Germany. It is about 4 talking animals that discover a mysterious house in the forest. The hero Strawinsky and his friends find some unusual inhabitants including a troll, cello and a blobish type creature as they explore the house. His friends get trapped in the library and Strawinsky must find a way to break the spell.

Inspired by Chronicles of Narnia, Disney Musicals and the Parables of Jesus, Strawinsky's message is clear. We are in a battle of the mind. We need to be careful what we put into it. In the animation it is the books we read(but would also include movies, music and the words of others).  We have a choice of what we put into our minds, we have a choice on who to serve (God or this world). There was one final message in this video; that I absolutely loved. It was the fact that we can always change and turn our lives back to God and let him lead us again (just as the cello did with the Scarlett Queen). 

I have seen previous Hope Animation videos such as Noah's Ark, A Christmas Journey, and (my personal favorite) Pilgrims Progress. Strawinsky did not disappoint. With very similar style and graphics as other Hope Animation videos it was a winner for me. Although it had similarities to other videos by Hope animation it had a unique and important spiritual message all on its own.  My family enjoyed it; especially the many musical pieces throughout the video(which made it more engaging with younger children). We had many interesting spiritual topics to talk about with our 4 children after viewing it.

Strawinsky would be a great tool for churches, children's groups, home schools or personal families. It would make a great gift for families with children. Don't forget to go to Hope Animation and check out their many other videos available.

*Hope Animation allowed me to view this video in exchange for my honest review.

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