Thursday, September 26, 2013

When Sorry Isn't Enough by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas

The book, When Sorry Isn’t Enough, definitely is a book to make you look at your approach to any relationship. Gary Chapman uses his research in The Five Languages of Apology to help define the different types of apologies that are given in five separate chapters. Each language chapter gives real life examples of the apology example from both of the authors and the end of the chapter will give example apology statements. There are also chapters about forgiveness, apologizing to self, and also a chapter titled “What If I Don’t Want to Apologize?”
Each chapter has a section at the end called “Talk About It” which can help the reader to personally reflect the content of the chapter. This little section could also be used in a little group study. The chapters were filled with impacting information, yet kept the attention of the reader. When Biblical references are used, both of the authors make sure all readers would be able to understand the context, even if someone was not aware the Bible story. The back of the book has examples of things to say when apologizing, and even things to NOT say when apologizing. There is even a little quiz at the end of the book so you can find out what type of language you apologize.
Because this book focuses on relationships between spouse, siblings, in-laws, parent-child relationships, friends, and co-workers, this book should be found in every home’s library.
*This book was sent to me by MP Newsroom in exchange for my honest review 

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