Monday, July 28, 2014

The Gifted Sophomores by Terri Blackstoc

Being a mom of a teenage daughter who loves to read is hard. We have a difficult time finding appropriate reading material for her; surprisingly , even more with Christian literature. This book by Terri Blackstoc was one I just happened upon while looking online for books for her to read. I was skeptical at first; since we haven't had luck with the last several books we have picked up to read, but decided to give it a try.
This book is about 3 teen sophomores who are a part of the same church youth group and go to the same school,  all three are even part of the same yearbook staff. Although they have all this in common they are all very different and aren't even friends. When they are together in the film developing room at school during an earthquake, they start to take a good look at themselves while waiting for help to come. Though injured they are miraculously healed and along with the healing comes some special powers. One teen can look into peoples eyes and see there darkest moments, another is drawn to those who have a problem, and the last can not stop quoting scripture. These 3 realize that when combined these gifts are powerful and can move the world for the glory of Christ.
This was a great book to introduce spiritual gifts to teens and the purpose of the Church body using these individual gifts together to bring others to God. Although in reality we don't have these exact extent of these gifts; they are a reality, we can be more aware of the hurting and searching of those around us and have compassion on them and tell them about the One who can save them.
Loved it.

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