Saturday, June 4, 2011

As for Me and My House by Elizabeth Wiens

Raising Godly teenagers, courtship and marriage, coming out from among them and being different, standing firm in your decisions, honoring God....all of these describe this sequel to Bringing them home.

I really enjoyed Elizabeth Wiens first book Bringing them home; so I can't describe how excited I was when she asked me to review the books sequel As for Me and My House. I think I may have done an embarrassing little dance in front of my family when my husband told me it had come in the mail.

I started reading it that same day and finished it pretty quickly. Like its sister book it was an easy read in novel form. I liked the fact that you didn't need to have actually read the first book to understand what was going on in this one. But since I did read the first one; this was even more interesting to see the continuation of the characters and the Knight's beginning homeschool years to the ending result of their eldest daughters marriage.

As for Me and My House was informative and challenged me more as a homeschooling parent than Elizabeth's first book; because our family is just beginning to enter this phase of our homeschooling journey. It definitely gave me things to think and pray about concerning my own children's teenage and young adult years. It was refreshing to see that some of the things my husband and I had discussed about our children's final years under our roof was more than likely being discussed in other homes. The character family, The Knight's, are a down to earth family and can easily relate to any family trying to raise their children up in the Lord.

Thank you again Elizabeth for such a wonderful, enjoyable and Godly story about a family who decided to serve the Lord no matter what was happening around them.

*Please take the time to check out Elizabeth Wien's books Bringing them Home and As for me and My House at her website

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