Thursday, June 16, 2011

Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker

A very humorous approach to saving money, Money Secrets of the Amish uses financial tips from the plain and thrifty lifestyle of the Amish; Eating from your own garden, regifting, buying resale and more.
This book had many great ideas for everyone to save a little or alot money(depending on how you look at it). The author gives the reader many easy applied techniques to give us a little extra cash in our pockets.
I consider myself a thrifty person (especially with one income and 4 children). There are several ideas in this book that I have already been practicing, but was delighted to find several more I hadn't even considered. I can't wait to to try some of them out.
Definitely a book worth reading; especially with today's economy. Go ahead and read it today and challenge your financial creativity.
*This book was sent to me by Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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