Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mouse in our House by Louise Watson

This short 29 page kids book about the antics of mouse in a families house is perfect for the kid who always brings some animal home to his parents and asks to keep it as a pet. The family in this house discovers the mouse and finds a way to make him a permanent part of the family. This is a nice reader style book for 1-3 grader. There is some rhyming text although not with every line. The illustrations are simple and cute. I love how the author described the characters in the beginning of the story as not sure to be excited or afraid of the sight of the mouse. I can relate to this, as a person with rodent phobia. But in the end the mouse finds a perfect home.
This book was sent to me my Dorrance Publishing Co. in exchange for my honest review. If you interested in being a part of their book review team please visit their website. This book can be bought for $8 at their online bookstore.

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