Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sticky Paws Raccoon Gets Caught Red-Handed by Mycol Ray Wisenbaker

 Ever child loves to read stories about animals; especially to one who gets himself into trouble. No animal does that better than a raccoon. The author picked the perfect animal, circumstance and surroundings to portray a power message about the consequences of taking something that doesn't belong to you.
Sticky Paws can't resist the farmers red juicy apples. But one things stands in his way, Shep the German Shepherd. Just like a raccoon he proves true to nature; he is going to get those apples one way or another. The story ends with a wonderful message of honesty.
My kids thought this book was funny, and laughed at Sticky Paws antics. They even grimaced when Shep the German Shepherd caught him red handed with the apples and nodded their heads in agreement when he paid the price for stealing in the end.
This book could be enjoyed by ages 4-12. Wonderful opportunity to discuss stealing and honesty with any child. My kids and I even made up an alternative ending if Sticky Paws would have done the right thing.  
*this book was sent to me by Dorrance Publishing Co. in exchange for my honest review

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