Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Dogs Are... by Tana Thompson

Most everyone loves dogs! This darling picture book puts a wonderful spin on why dogs were created.
This hardback book has a wonderful cover that is appealing to any dog lover and the title is an easy attention grabber as well. Each page has a simple yet beautiful picture along with an easy to read story. Some of my personal favorites are the ones with the dog and a boy named Brian together.

This book combines the wonderful companionship of a dog with people. The boy Brian is actually blind/deaf. God wants to show Brian how much he loves him. The angels and several kinds of animals volunteer . But when God sees the dog he tells him he can help Brian. The dog doesn't think he is special enough. But God encourages the dog and tells him what he must do to show God's love to the little boy on earth. So Dog goes to earth with the promise if he does a good job that God will send more dogs to earth. (I will leave it at that; so I don't give too much of the ending away).

This is an adorable book that links animals and people together. My kids loved it and thought it was so sweet that God picked a dog to help a child. Dogs are so comforting to people. They are used all the time for the elderly, blind, veterans, kids with autism, and many other people with medical or mental disabilities. This is a perfect book that just explains Why dogs are.  

*This book was given to me by BookCrash  in exchange for my honest review.

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