Friday, October 17, 2014

Your Family in pictures by Me Ra Koh

I love taking pictures of my family; call it a hobby. I have read a lot of books about photography but really appreciated this one.

This soft cover book contains 144 pages with tons of ideas and photos to help you take great pictures of your family during special times or just everyday happenings in your life.
Divided into 7 sections:

1. Setting yourself up for Success
This section give you the steps needed to make your photos successful. It gives you tips on great lighting as well as how to get your family in the mood for picture taking.

2. Developing a Photographers Eye
This section shows you how to shoot. Converting black and white. Discover color, line, shape and texture. Tells you how to become a storyteller.

3. Everyday Life
This section gives you 5 tips on photographing everyday life like outdoor sports, bedtime rituals and more.

4. Holidays
This section gives you tips for photographing 5 different holidays

5. Family Portraits
This section gives you tips for family portraits like pets, sisters, dad and more.

6. Tweens and Teens
This section gives you tips on photographing your teens friends, prom, graduation and more.

7. Family Vacations and Travel
This section give tips photographing snow days, sunsets, amusement parks and more.

This book gave me lots of great tips and ideas to photograph my family. I plan to pass this on to my niece who has an interest and talent for photography.

*This book was sent to me by Blogging for Books  in exchange for my honest review

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