Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue

This is one book in many of what is called "The Lily Series". These wonderful books geared to girls ages 9-12 talk about issues that face our daughters on a daily basis from the world. With influences from the world about their appearance; it is refreshing to find a fun series that reminds our girls that true beauty is from inside.
The Beauty book was very easy for my 12 year old to read. Topics in this book included hair, skin, puberty, clothing and more. Each chapter included discussion, relating Bible verses, check yourself questions, just do it and talking to God about it.
Parents could read this book with their children and discuss it more thoroughly or girls could go through it alone. The Q and A format reviews the given material and how to apply it individually.
Overall, I loved the books contents and presentation. What a great way to introduce girls to the changes happening inside as well as outside. This book helped my daughter, who is surrounded by girls concerned about their appearance, remember that God created her as she is and that true beauty stems from the heart.

*I was sent a copy of this book from http://booksneeze.com/ in exchange for my honest review.

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