Friday, May 18, 2012

Slim Kicker

Ok! So this one is not an actual book, but its still pretty cool. The creator of this website contacted me and asked if I would check it out and mention it on my blog. This is more than a weight loss site. You are able to keep track of nutrition and exercise, but enjoy challenges that earn you points and then reward yourself. This site makes being healthy fun. You can join challenges individually or with a group and earn points and set your own rewards(for example: night at the movies, dessert, get hair done...). You can do it on the website or download as an app.
   First off, it was very simple to make an account. Let me break it down by pages.
 Page 1 Dashboard- You will find recent member comments and a quick look at your own challenges and points.
 Page 2 Nutrition- You can track your food(broken down by calories,protein, cholesterol, fat, sugar and so on). You can also record some of your favorite recipes and even share them with members
. Page 3 Body- You can add exercise routines to this page, keep track of exercises and weight loss.
 Page 4 Achievements- You can join current challenges, create your own and view your achievements.
 Page 5 Groups- Here you can create your own group or join one of the many current groups(they say weight loss is easier when you have support)
 Page 6 Friends- You can make friends with other members and use them for support or even compete against them
 Page 7 Blog- Get up to date information to help you with your diet, fitness and overall wellness.

  This is a wonderful fun tool to help you slim down, exercise and become a healthier you. Most importantly its FREE. Go on over to and start looking and feeling better.

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