Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olympic Games:from ancient times to present by Charlene Notgrass

 What is the history of the Olympic Games? What does the Bible teach about athletic competition? With the London Olympic Games 2012 close at hand this 40 lesson study would be a great way to teach all about the ins and outs of Olympic competition. Each lesson is an average of 30 minutes long and is completely interactive with activities for each. Included throughout the lessons are Bible Study, History (with many historic photographs),Geography,Physical Education,Sports, Vocabulary,Grammar Activities,Puzzles,Review Questions,Answer Key.The ebook version of the study is reproducible for the purchasing family, but the print books are not reproducible. This resource is appropriate for christian schools, homeschool or personal use. 
My favorite thing about this study was the written activities with every lesson. Since I have children with attention problems this gave them something to do with their hands as well as learning about history at the same time. This could easily be a stand alone study, but we chose to also supplement library books, videos and Internet resources along with it. More importantly I was impressed with the Biblical aspect; the verses and biblical application was perfect for our family(I love to put everything we learn into a biblical perspective and this study helped me do that). As suggested in the study we plan to hold a Family Olympic Games this summer to add a fun hands on ending to what we have learned. 
This study is available through the Notgrass Company at www.notgrass.com
Make sure to check out their other resources as well.

*This pdf study was sent to me by the Notgrass Company in exchange for my honest review. 

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